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got this in my e-mail today.

Subject: Comp Hil Curfew - Press Release

Please make copies of this information and distribute
November 22, 2002
Imperial County Closes Federal Land

On Tuesday, November 19, 2002, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors
passed an ordinance that places a dusk to dawn curfew at Competition Hill in
the Glamis area of the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.. Wally
Leimgruber, an Imperial County Board of Supervisor, said, "the intent of the
ordinance was to be for the Major Holidays only, not every night. The Board
also wanted it to be structured so the curfew could be at the Imperial
County Sheriff's discretion; expanded to more days or areas if needed." The
ordinance as written, however, says that there will be a curfew every night.
Leimgruber said the board of Supervisors is planning to amend the ordinance
at the next Board of Supervisors meeting this Tuesday, November 26th 2002,
to clarify their intent.

This unprecedented action by a local authority closing Federal land was done
without any public comment or discussion. Imperial County says the curfew is
necessary to protect the public from lawless behavior by a small portion of
the people who recreate at the ISDRA. The County's action appears to have
the blessing of, and was initiated by, the Imperial County Sheriff's Office.
It was kept between them and the County Board of Supervisors. It was not
discussed with, or proposed to, the American Sand Association in advance.

Since there are adequate rules and regulations already in place, The
American Sand Association is opposed to additional curfews and additional
laws. The ASA's main objection to the curfew is that it affects the
law-abiding users of the ISDRA who enjoy "running Comp" at night for the fun
and challenge. Moreover, the Bureau of Land Management has stated repeatedly
that their "Zero Tolerance" enforcement methods, begun in January 2002, have
had a significant positive impact reducing past problems.

"Since last year, we have been suggesting checkpoints at the entrance of
Comp Hill to identify liquor violations, illegal activity, or other rule
violations: but certainly not a curfew," says Bob Mason, ASA's Public Safety
Committee Chairman.

The ASA will make every attempt to inform its members of the new ordinance
as quickly as possible. "Our primary concern is that there is inadequate
lead time to inform ISDRA visitors," says Jerry Seaver, ASA President.
"Future actions of this nature must be coordinated with representatives of
the stakeholders if we are going to communicate effectively and accomplish
the desired results."

For the latest update on the Imperial County's revised ordinance go to


254 Posts was closed and there was a cop or ranger everywhere
olds was open though and i heard they were going to close that too.
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