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Grease fittings...hmmm.

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I went to look at a Z400 for the third time. I looked it over more closely this time. The only grease fitting I could see was on the lower pivot point of the swingarm. There aren't any at the two top pivot points on the swingarm nor are there any fittings on the a-arms. I doubt Suzuki simply "forgot" them, so what am I missing here? Can holes be safely drilled and some sort of fittings be tapped somehow?
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i have heard people suggest that but since zuki didn't do it, you probably don't have to. they are greased and sealed from the factory, so unless it starts squeaking, leave it alone.
two fittings, both on the rear shock arms, lower side. Look close to find them.
Yeah, the third time I looked it over I saw the other one. Maybe if I look at the chassis more and more I'll find 3, 4, or 5 fittings. Then again...
The 400ex also doesn't have any grease fittings on the i guess you have to take it appart to grease it.
Grease fittings, 3 total

There are a total of 3 on the lower suspension for the rear. Front A arms are roller bearings with a steel rod for the inner bearing sufrace. Drilling into this would ruin it for sure. I took mine all apart and packed them with grease. If you do this be aware the neddle bearings will come out and it will take some time to get all those littlr buggers back in place. Well worth it though if you want to avoid giving Suzuki any more money.

Mike Mc Avoy
North Georgetown, Ohio
I stand corrected. Sweat is right! Hard to get to the third nearest the shock.

any suggestions? A standard nozzle with flex hose just doesnt connect.
Have to compress the shock

you have to compress the shock some to get to the 3rd one. Try taking a strap and compressing the shock to get to it.


Parts stores sell whats called a needle point grease tip. It goes on the end of your reg. grease gun but comes to a sharp point. This worked for me
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