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hard to read

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when you are putting up a reply (like Im doin now) the font is hard to read with the background, if you could change the font on this part to red or somethin it would help alot. It just really strains my eyes to read this as I type. Just a suggestion
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You mean the black text with the grey background? Its not that hard to read to me. Would you like Bright Yellow with Lime Green text?

Maybe Im just stupid, that West Nile Virus is prolly gettin to me.
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yes you have z400central...i told you to make the text lime green...LOL...the colors are fine for me...maybe your brightness or contrast is too low on your monitor...
Not sure what it is, maybe its just my eyes. But it looks like a smoke color background with a gray font. I dont care just thought Id mention it. Everything else is just sp perfect you notice the small things.
the background is smoke gray like, and the font is a light does seem like a strange combo of colors...gray on gray...but the font is light enough that it is readable...
IF the font and the background seem like the same color, your monitor brightness is set to high and/or the contrast is set too low.

If all of the black colors on webpages looks grey to you, TURN DOWN THE BRIGHTNESS!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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