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Hermann racing wants to make some a-arms and some Long travel a-arms for the Z but he needs one to use as a model. So, if any is in the Pennsburg area take ur bike over there!!! I'm asking him to give a discount if u bring it over. I post what he says. He says, he can use just the arms but i think it would be beter if he had the whole bike.

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where is Pennsburg?
Its about an hour north of Philly, and 2 1/2 hours from u.

so if you sampled your quad it wouldn't be for free, just discount?
You might be able to get it for free. If he offered it i would seriously consider it.

i would drive down tomorrow if it were free.
Aproy, u should try, send him an email [email protected]. I wouldn't mind a nice set of Hermann long travel. They look so much like the Roll Design but so much cheaper.

cool, i just sent him an email. we'll see how it goes.
I hope u get those a-arms, i'm still trying to decide between, Hermann, Houser and Gibson. Its my dream quad so i have years till i really need to worry about it.

Man, for a sec I thought that said Penisburg. I'll stay away from a town with a name like that! :!:
There is no real guess work in developing the arms for the Z. They are Honda 250R arms with Banshee tie rod shafts. The only differences are the stock arms are 1" longer, and .1" thicker at the mounts. In other words, take Honda +3, +1 arms and they are +2,+1 for the Z and use the spacers from the stock arm bushings to take up the space along with the banshee +3 tie rod shaft and you are set.
did you ever get pics of that seat cover??
I am still waiting for the anodizer to finish my rear shock. I will be sure to take pictures of it for you guys before I go to Dumont sand dunes this weekend. Just in case!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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