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HMF pipe

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Just installed my HMF pipe and [email protected] filter left the snorkel and lid on but drilled 6-1" holes in the lid for more air with a 152.5 main jet and from the short ride I took it sure seems to have more power the front end comes up quick in 1st and 2nd and is real light in 3rd. Now I just have to see if the jetting is right.
Plus now I get to change my profile. :D
Also put the HMF on the 300ex it seems to have more pull also.

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post a pic of the new pipe and all on the Z
How much is the HMF slip on?? i know you can get a new air filter setup from alba for $91+ tax & S/H..(K&N, outerware,and mount'n backet)
can u install the pipe urself or do u need to take it somewhere
i paid 260 that was with spark arrestor and shipping
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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