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HMF slip on vs full Yoshi.....

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The wife got her HMF today and my brother just got his full Yoshi. We will be running them at LS, Utah and going up Sand Mtn. This will be the ultimate test of how they will each pull....Report to come on late sunday.....
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Cool Keep us posted on the results :)
Cool, i want to know the results. I'm geussing the HMF will have more low-end and the Yoshi will have more top becuase its a full system.

do you know anything about the Trinity Racing Stage IV pipe for the Z?
dam you people closer to ohio than me :p . i hope my hmf will be here friday. ill have pics from the dunes too.

im not sure the dyno # on the yoshi, but the hmf is 5hp on the bottom 2hp on the topend, which should be very nice.

trinity puts out 6hp not sure if that thru the whole band or not, but i would guess it is. i didnt want to wait so i went with the HMF especiall cause i wanted the low end for the dunes.
I don't buy anything from Trinity. Personal reasons....
anyone hear anything about the fmf pipe? i'm waiting for a "real world" report on it, and all the other systems.
Go to The have a new FMF silencer, its the the third graph, they also have a pic of it too.

So Gtthunder got 1.6 hp from a silencer, no lid and a filter?
what are the dynos on the WB e-series and the yoshimura?

Go get the yoshi because it offers more rwhp than any other pipe

i was thinking of getting the White Brothers R-Series Exhaust. Its $269.99 or sumthin like that. My friend has it on his raptor and its nice!! Anyone have it on a previous quad?? Did u like it? also anyone have shock covers with pictures?? Im trying to decide what color?I think i am gonna get red to go along with the Alba Custom Graphics kit when it comes out.check it out its nice. hey guys you can go here and get parts too.

:twisted: Corey :twisted:
I bet the slip on and pipe with slip on will be the same hp.
A power bomb header might give you just a little more. The stock head pipe is pretty damn good.
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