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Holeshot XCR's

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Holeshot XCR's are some of the meanest tires Ive ever seen I put them on my TRX200sx and them tires dont slide they bite on a 250r they might slide easier or even a Z-400 thats what im put ing the tires on them tires dont weight as much as everyone says oh there to heavy they are the same weight as my old ones but the will go over anything I went throught the mud pit yesterday and before these tires barley made it but with these tires no problem and I drove over beer bottled not on purpose and them tires are still holdin up well if you want more info email me at [email protected]
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i know i have them on my warrior and they hold up great! i can hit anything (well almost anything) and make it out alive its awesome, i would recomend them to anyone looking for holeshots, rarzrs or shredders take this tires over ne thing else!
are the xcrs good for woods, sand, and mx riding?
yes i went through the woods it flew through the woods even the muddy swamp back there wasnt a problem and it would do great in sand mx i dunno i went out to the mx park yesterday with one of my friends we both got our quads loaded and when we get out there a sighn says sorry hangtime mx park is closed due to dust ahhhhhhhhh :evil: :evil: :evil: ive been waiting to go out there for so long well yes the xcr are very good tires
hey just got them on my Z400 finaly and on the mx track ah i love them they are great mx tires in the jumps they seemed better softer landing i had total control over them they are sweet i will let you know how they do in snow once we ghet some snow here
Been thinking about trying some 18" Trekkers myself. Hmmmm.
my friend has that on his raptor he does pretty good got a couple first places under his belt and it is all stock except for trekers and a pipe and jetting

Just got a set of XCR 20x11-9's - Awesome tires.

I was surprised that they are a full one inch narrower (even though they all are 11's) than the XC's or XCT's but they will go anywhere just like their brothers. They are really the same width as the stockers. Also, the narrower tire will help keep some of the HP these tires will rob from your machine.

They ride a bit rougher than the stockers too. The stock tires have a smoothe ride to them but absolutely no side bite and compared to the XCR's, they don't have very good forward traction either.

I was climbing up steep muddy hills, slippery rocks, loose rock, deep mud etc. - no problems (except for one "bottomless rutted-out pit" 4 wheel drives got stuck in)

And these tires will last a long time based on others we've run.

Magic Racing sells them for $68, World Class ( for $65 + only $17 shipping to Kentucky. (I know, some of you are boycotting them, but I've ordered tons of stuff from them w/o any conflicts and I get everything in 2 days to Lexington)

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Is that for the set?? Or per tire?? I'm guessing per tire, but i have only bought packages in the past..

Jockeybox.. You addressed something of concern to me.. How much rougher is the ride over stock.. I love the stock smooth ride.. How much rougher is it?
XCR's Ride

Through farm pastures, sand, most trails etc... you won't notice, but on real hardpack stuff - you'll be able to tell the difference.

I think the trade off is well worth it however. Great tires that hookup and last a long time.

If you want the smoother ride, look at the Razr's - they won't last as long, but they have a nice ride.
hey where do you live at jockeybox
Lexington, KY (Fayette Mall area)
Yes, the XCRs/XCs are great tires, much better than Razr 1s, IMO.
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spincr4hire - What did it cost you to get the tires mounted on your stock rims.. Also are those the X/C or the XCRs
Also.. what did the tires cost you all together?
spincr4hire - What did it cost you to get the tires mounted on your stock rims.. Also are those the X/C or the XCRs
Also.. what did the tires cost you all together?[/b]
Zeeper, the tires are XCRs on the rear (20x11x9), and XCs up front (22x7x10). I had them done at the local Suzuki shop for $60, all 4. Some
local tire places wanted $20 per tire. I've heard of one place doing them for $5 per tire, though.

I ordered the tires from the Quadshop, got a pretty good deal on all 4, just over $200, but that was last year.
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