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How much do you think I am can get for my 300EX?

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Well I really hate to get rid of my 300EX, I love that thing so much, but I really really really want a Z400. Those things are so cool! Not to mention that my 300EX doesn't cut it on the MX track. I would have thought about a C-dale, but I trailride a lot and I think it's a bit out of my price range. A Raptor would be nice, but again, a little pricey, althought I can probably find a good used one. A 400EX, well, not a chance, why anyone would buy a 400EX when there is another quad with liguid-cooling, reverse, is faster, and handles just as well, all for the same amount of money, is weird to me. So anyways, my 300EX is a 2001, with a DG front bumper, Baja center skid plate, K&N air filter, new grips, new brakes, a 14 tooth front sproket, and I plan on getting new Razr's for the rear, size 20x11x9, to get it back down to stock gearing, and because it needs new tires on the back. SO tell me what you think, thanks.
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lets see, $2.50 sounds good!!

jkjkjk, really, i thinkin around 4400-4500, i am selling my dads, not even broken in, bone stock 300 (w/ permission, of course) for 4600, but i am willing to bring it down a little. im getting a Z too. i am giving mine to my dad because he really likes mine (2001 300 with some junk done to it). around 4450 would be good. good luck

Thanks, now the trick is talking my parents into letting me sell it.
good luck. be patiant(sp?) it took me about a month to convince them getting a Z would be a good idea.

hey i think like $4500 i am selling my 1999 with a biggun slip on and a k&n for$2700 i have my parents talked in to buying me one i have to sell my 300ex and recon 8)
im gunna buy a 400 if i sell my 300ex, but i already beat all the 400exs z400s and rapturds in the woods around here so i dont see a point if thats all i ride in just learn how to ride that 300 like ya stole it ull be fine
I beat all the other quads around here no problem, but I want liquid cooling, it doesnt take long and the 300 is heating up my legs, which is good in the winter, not so great for those hot Florida summers.
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