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ive experimented some with the rear damping adjustments and it looks like you should be able to feel some major differences. If you turn compression all the way stiff and ride for 1 lap/five minutes, then go all the way soft and ride again you can see what the extremes feel like and know for sure what the pros and cons are to each setting. Then stiffen back up to your preference. Basicaly soft bottoms out to easily while full stiff is very rough on choppy trail conditions but does jump without bottoming most of the time. Dont be scared to try this then once you know what the feel is you can tune for the conditions of the day, or atleast get it close. It only takes a screwdriver and 5 seconds to change the setting. It kind of sucks that the aftermarket is still all guess work. Heck several companies have not dealt with researching this quad yet at all. The front shocks were fairly good for about 2 hours but now just plain suck just like all other stock shocks!
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