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Jetting For Glamis Dunes

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I want to jet my Z400. I have a trinity racing pipe and just bought a k&n jet kit. What jets do i need to use for glamis dunes in california? And does anyone know where to get a good filter for my bike? 8O
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well k&n filters are supposedly really good for the sand. Uni makes good filters also. Not sure if uni has a filter specifically for the Z yet, but K and N has an adapter with a filter that fits. I think most everyone would recommend a good pre filter also,
Uni has a filter for the Z. It's the same filter as the 01 Eiger. The part number is posted here somewhere, just try a search.
Check out the adapter, filter, pre filter Alba sells.
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Jet it to the specs that Trinity gave you which should be a 165 main with no snorkle, screen , or lid. This will run fine at the dunes also. This of course if you are in the lower elevations of Az.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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