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Just bought the following from Alba

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Front Sprocket, 13-tooth....$17.99
Front Sprocket, 15-tooth....$17.99
Service Manual.................$34.99
Sub Total........................$70.97
Freight and Handling.........$18.96

Sounds good to me, the manual will come in handy and I want to play with the sprockets to see what suits me best.
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Yeah, the manual is very nice. :D I'm very glad I got it now that I'm going to change the rotor.
If u really need the manual to take off the rotor i don't think u should be working on ur atv. But its a simple job, just take the wheel off>take the caliper off>take off the 4 allen bolts>slide it off the hub>and do the opposite to put the new one on.

I know it's a simple job. I like to torque all the bolts I take out. I think the manual is a pretty good place to find the torques.
I agree. I utilize the manual no matter how simple the job. Perfectionist win races!
Freight was a w00ter, that package prob only ways 3 pounds. That sucks, hate wehn companies screw u on shipping
I didn't think of that, 'Perfection does win races'. Since u have the manual, Could u do me a favor? What is the hub torque specification? thanks alot

Shipping is to Canada, yes its alot. Actually it all could go in the mail probably and cost far less. Oh well, the price you pay to have fun.
Wheel hub nut:
Front: 65 N-m, 47 lb-ft
Rear: 100 N-m, 72.5 lb-ft
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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