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Just installed my HMF "Silencer"

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This thing sounds crazy. I'm not into loud stuff, but man I like this. It is loud, but I'm gonna go with it. I like to crack the throttle and just make it fire hard once. This thing sounds like a SHOTGUN going off. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. It's not high pitched like a backfire, but almost as loud! This thumper sounds cool with the HMF. I will probably quiet it down with a TEC, to save the riding areas, but it's fun to snap it real quick for now!!!
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I hope the HMF's for the Z are quiter than the ones for the 300ex. The HMF sounds like a good pipe cuz so many people have them. Have u rejetted yet? Alot of people r having trouble with jetting so far.

I think I need to go even higher than 152.5 from the sounds of others claims. I'll find out Friday.
Oh, and the HMF Silencer is 3.5 lbs lighter than stock.
Thats cool, i think ur the first person to weigh it so there is another advantage.

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