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1) Less, amount on the threads and spread evenly is better then more.

2) Seal cap tight on container immediately after use

3) Clean old loctite off threads before applying new. For Loctite, surfaces with THIN films of oil are acceptable. Only the removal of heavy grease or contamination is necessary to achieve adequate adhesive performance.
-But lets face it the cleaner the surface the better-

4) Use proper strength locktite for the fastener (Medium, Strong)

5) Should I prime (coat/apply) both the nut and the thread? A: In most cases, this is not necessary. Generally, one surface can be primed. Situations requiring priming of both surfaces generally arise when very rapid cure times are desired or when bond line gaps of .015 or more exist.

6) The shelf life (how long can you can store the bottle of Locktite)of Loctite will be improved by refrigeration PRIOR to being opened. Refrigeration will have minimal effect on the shelf life of opened containers. So, store new containers of Locktite in the refrigerator if at all possible. Don't bother with open containers

7) Loctite cures upon contact with moisture in the air. The cure progresses inward from the surface. Curing time increases with the thickness of the locktite. Moisture in the form of humidity will speed the cure rate. The application of heat alone may drive off moisture and prolong the cure time.
(SO, do not use heat to try to dry/cure applied locktite as this will make drying time longer!)

8) Assemble and torque before the Locktite crystallizes. The crystalline structure of the Locktite is broken and becomes useless if you torque after it drys/cures

9) Avoid eye contact. Wash off of skin immediately if you have contact

10) Using heat is an easy way to get locktite bolts loose. If you do not have heat available or you are not able to use it in a certain place, put a bit of fresh locktite on the bolt and wait about 10 minutes and it`ll loosen all the old set-up locktite!

11) Do not use locktite on thread you will be using nylon lined nuts on

12) Open containers of Locktite stay usuable for sometime BUT be sure to seal them up tightly and immediately after using

13) For lots of good info in regard to loctite and fasteners go here:

Note: Most info in these hints was taken directly from Loctite literature. All the info is 100% correct. The hint about using Locktite to free up a bolt /nut that someone has used Locktite on is one that I learned somewhere years ago.
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