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Ltz 400 hard to start from cold

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Hi all, could do with some advice please. I have a 2005 Ltz 400 and have recently adjusted the valves. The bike started first tap of the button before adjustment. Problem is when starting from cold it takes around 15-20 seconds of cranking before it will fire up with the choke on, after running for 3 seconds max it will die if the choke is not off. It then takes 10 minutes to get to operating temperature to be able to open up to half/ full throttle. Does this sound like the carb is too rich ?
ive listed valve specs before and after adjustment below.
Inlet 0.21 Exhaust 0.39

inlet 0.16. Exhaust 0.29

after adjustment:

Inlet 0.14 Exhaust. 0.23

inlet 0.16 Exhaust 0.25

thanks in advance for any replies
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has the cam chain ever been replaced? manual or stock cam chain tensioner adjuster?
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