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Hey guys, I am new to the forum. I am the dedicated mechanic for my girlfriend’s ltz400 that she just bought a few weeks ago and it has some issues I can not quite figure out. Here is what the bike has:
Yoshimura pipe (not sure if its full of slip on) and we just added a spark arrestor to try to cut down a little on sound.
open air box (no cover)
Cone air filter (like k&n but not sure of brand) with a precleaner screen.
Other than that as far as I know It is stock.
so here is our issue. The quad runs great as long as you shift normally like, rev, shift, rev, shift, etc. However if you put the bike in 2nd gear (or higher) and try to punch it from low speeds/stopped (like say to do a wheelie) the thing falls right on its face. Hard. The weird thing though is I can give it full throttle, it will rev a little and then go into like a super choppy idle But it will not die. It will just roll along sounding like garbage at a little more than walking speed. If I let out of the throttle to about half, it will give full power and take off unless I go back to full throttle right away and then it does what it did before. If Iet out to where it starts to go like it should, let the rpm build, and then give it full throttle I am good to go. No problem. My neighbor is a quad/bike mechanic and he suggested a jet kit. So I put a JD jet kit in it and I am going to continue to play with jet sizes later today but right now it has a 175 main and a 25 pilot. From what I have seen it looks like the 175 main is a little over kill so I am going to keep going smaller. I also have the JD needle (red/the leaner of the two supplied needles) on the 3rd from top position and have been tweaking the mix screw. I am wondering if it is some sort of electrical problem or if it has something to do with my engine “load” I’ill call it because basically it doesnt like load butbi do not know how to change that up. I will see if I can attach a video or something to show you guys what I mean but do any of you guys have any idea what is going on??
(PS I am a diesel mechanic for a caterpillar dealer so I am relatively ;) mechanically inclined but carburetors and gas engines are still a little new to me)
Thanks so much for the help guys
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