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Minnesota Riders

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Hi I am new to this forum and It is awsome.

I was just wondering if there are any rider here from Minnesota?

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is'nt there anyone here from Minnesota? :(
i'm from MN, but i'm not living there at the moment ... i go back on vacation bout twice a year..
I am from Silver Lake, it is 8 miles east of Hutchinson. I don't visit this part of the foum very often.
i do a lot of riding.. we have a big group.. i live in south east MN.. there's 3 guys with 400exs, a Z400, a raptor, i gotta KFX, a couple guys got mojaves, 300exs a blaster.. there's riders all the way from PRO down to beginners. we have a little MX track at my place with a 50ft double, a couple table tops, woopdeewoops, berms, there's more places to ride too.

where do you live?

hey there King......what up this is MojaveKing..d-mon
what up...icic ur on here too!!
peace :wave :wave
yes i ride with these goons, their good $hits, all of them!
Thanks Jon......not to bad ur self.......... :D QUOTE
i have heard that too[/b]
NVM that i have heard that too part!! hahahahhaha
hey guys, Forest lake MN here, just a few miles north of the cities. $hit i didnt know jguetter was from MN thats cool as hell. where do you guys ride at?? i'm just starting to get into some feestyle with the big yellow pig (dont laugh) maybe we could get a ride goin on some time soon.
LOL...we're all the some guys from EXriders. I don't think we can get enough huh?
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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