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Muddy Quads

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On my webpage, i have a photo gallery of muddiest quads. If anyone has a picture of there quad covered in mud, i can post it on my muddiest quad page.
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ill send you some when i go get me another digital camera (lol)
when i use up my role of film, i will send it to you after it gets developed onto a cd.
Oh yeah hay dan can I borrow some pics too post them on my site in the suzuki section
Damn!! My quad was caked in mud last week, i had a 1/4 of mud on my of the quad.

ya, you can borrow a few pics....cant wait to see all those quads covered in mud...LOL
Its not mine but its from sinner660 over at Bluetraxx
I need to get my film developed. I was riding my old Warrior last weekend and my friend and I were covered. I had to clean the Warrior after that ride just to ride it again there was so much mud on the seat my ass was sticking to it.
Jride...LOL...that happened to me too a few times...With the picture i have posted at the top, it took me over half hour just to get it clean...LOL...
jeez did anyone check out dabombdale's profile he has been online for about 5 days and already he has 250 posts h eaverages 70 a day dont u think that is a awful lot for someone who dosnt kno nothing about quads???
Read the message below...
(clears throat) This topic is about muddy quads, it was not ment for "flaming" about other people and how many posts they have. Keep the talk about muddy quads...
i cant stand mud, how do you guys do it? lol

LOL...whats there to really see it(sometimes you dont...), you go into it, gas it, and come out of it(usually)...mud is fun...if you dont think so...go ride in it till you do....LOL...
i am a clean freak when i comes to my qad so the thought of mud i a no-no. i hate accidentally hitting a nud puddle and getting soaked.

HAHAHEHELOLROTFLMAO...oh come on...just one picture...Im sure its easy to get your quad all muddy...the next time you go for a ride, get it as muddy as you can, take a picture of it, and post it, or send it to me...
A few days ago me and my dad were out trail riding (i was on my Z, he was the on AC 300). After about 1hr of riding, we head home, and my dad was in front of me...instead of turning to head down the street to home, he crosses the street to go to the other side of the powerlines. I follow him and Im doing good, some water, a little mud...then in the middle of the trails, the mud starts to get really bad, and there is a stonewall you have to go over to keep going. So my dad is still in front and he is past the stone wall and im about 10ft away from it and he tells me to turn around becuase he thinks ill get stuck in the mud. I put it in reverse back up and hit a rock with the skid plate...i go forward and try to steer around it, but i cant steer in the mud i was i pull forward to try to turn around, but i just stay in the rut in the mud and cant turn around...i hit the same rock again and just keep gasing it, wiggling the z side to side...then once im over the rock there is another on i can see in the mud. I rock it over this rock after a few minutes of rocking side to side...once out of the mud i drive backwards on the tight trail for about 300ft before i can turn around...and at home i told him that it would have been a lot easier to have just gone over the stonewall and turned around then backing up in the mud...he said next time just pick up the front end and turn it
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I laugh at that "mud" that is nothing. I gotta take a pic of my quad and put it up here after riding one day. Yamas seen my quad
Well im not saying thats a lot of mud or anything...ive been through deeper on my Z...i was just telling what happened to me on my first trip at that part of the powerlines...after the stone wall the mud gets deeper...and after that part of the power lines, the next has really deep might be going there today...
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