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MX Riding

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Im going to ride an MX track for my first time next week...does anyone have any tips for riding MX with a Z, and should i ride with my air box lid off while at the Z is stock for right now...
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with the air box part, has it been really dusty lately, if it has i don't know it is would be a good idea. lean into corners and hit the throttle half way into the turn fr good acceleration, keep it on four wheel and you will have a great time.
I would leave ur airbox on. And u need to rejet if u take it off.

Ok,...thanks for the help...
Ok,...thanks for the help...[/b]
I do what i can

Try taking the lid off the airbox and rejetting the carb. I'm sure you'll be able to get away with only changing the main jet. Try one or two sizes bigger and go from there. Jets are only a couple dollars each so this wouldn't be a costly thing to do. Also an aftermarket filter wouldn't be a bad investment either. If you are seriously thinking about racing MX then I would suggest a set of aftermarket shocks if they are in your budget you would be able to go faster with a good handling machine then one with more power.
It will probaly be a little to dusty at the track so ur best best is to keep the airbox. He said hes just going fot the weekend so no need for new shocks. One tip i can give is in the truns use ur front brake, if u already do then do it more cuz the Z's front tires suck! They slide out to much and don't forget to jump with ur atv.

The track has a complete sprinkler system to keep dust done...I use the front brakes a lot...on my old mojave for months I had no rear brake so all I used was the front...LOL...
i ise front a lot too.
Thats cool is has a sprinkler system. I'm not used to using my front brakes alot but i'm starting to but i don't like how the suspension sags when u stop fast. It makes me real uncomfortable when i turn like that and u can't do nose wheelies.

LOL...a nose wheelie...never do a nose wheelie!!! they are really dangerous...LOL...LMAO...except when there is a camera pointing at you...
I love nose wheelies!!!!!!!!! I used to do them all the time on my 90! Whenever i go the shops they're always playing crotch rocket video...those guys r nuts!!!!

ya, those videos are crazy.
What are some good quad videos?...Are there any tips for jumps, tabletops, and whoops that I should know? or should I just do what ever I think I shoud?...LOL...Does anyone know anything about the Quad Rac Pacs? The ones that go into a hitch on the back of the truck and the quad goes on the rac...I ordered one and I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about them.
Huevos are the best quad videos made imo. On jumping, never let off the throttle. When you are coming up to the kicker, keep on it enough to keep the front end up in the air. Make sure you clear the jump if its a double. I'd reccomend asking somone that hits the jump what gear it is that he/she hits it in.
"Make sure you clear the jump..."...LOL...ya, ill try to make it...most of the people I see riding there ride dirtbikes, I very rarly see quads...I have a buddy that rides there, so i can ask him...
ya dude make sure you ride at a moderate speed, i remember my first time at the track with my 300ex, the track owner nearly griped me out, cuz i was only goin in 2-3rd gear most of the time, but by the 10th lap i was top endin it, next time i was almost clearin table tops, and small, and medium sized doubles, but make sure u get off the jumps , cuz dirtbikers CANNOT see you infront of them so get over em ASAP or its possible youl hbe goin home with dirtbike tire tracks on yer helmet, lol
Ya,...the place usually isnt that busy, but Im going to go on a day when Im going be one of the only ones there...
ride with in ur limits the first time but u could step up as u get more confortable
Ya, I first Im probably not going to do any jump in the first few laps, until I get familar with the is a picture of the track:
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