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My Cannibal

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here are some old pics of me on my cannibal. i can get higher now so hopefully once i get a digital camera i will post pics.
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actually i have been having problems out of the ying yang. today i called in to replace my coolant tank, gas tank, round pipe, and computer. my cannibal won't even crank and i even replaced the battery and checked all the wires. the dealer is going to call me back tommorrow and if cannondale supports me and gives me all that stuff then they must be a pretty sweet company. i hope they give it to me or i will have to pay $1250 to replace my computer! YIKES! i have talked to other cannondale owners and they have had the same problems, they said that cannondale took care of them so i hope they take care of me. when it runs it is very fast! the handling is good but it really needs a steering damper.
have u checked the fuse?
holy crap! why is my avator so big!?
Chodeface go to go into the forums and there is a category called ASK CANNONDALE. Answers directly form the factory...
i talked to cdale and they told me to go to a dealer.
nice c-dale
you can fool imagestation into hosting pics
the url is
just take the.orig.jpg iand it works like this
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I tried that w/ webshots. It won't work, should it?? I clicked image then my url then added .orig.jpg and clicked image again. Didn't work.
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