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My Motor w/ a Splash of Color

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These pics were taken out of my gramps digi cause mine is at Phre's house... Half of the red and stuff looks orange and the pics are kind of bad quality, the motor and stuff looks better in real life or in better pics...but for now you guys get the drift. I think the pics aren't THAT bad though...I also got a new sprocket and painted the sporcket hub again. Thanks for lookin! :cool:

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i would paint the head but that is just my oponion
lookin sick my man!
there is a blaster exactly like that on ebay did you buy it or is it a different one
nice bro also have you decided on what your going to get either the z or the shee
LMAO...nice job on the quad...looks nice...what kind of paint did you use on the motor?
LMAO...nice job on the quad...looks nice...what kind of paint did you use on the motor?[/b]
What is lmfao about, the motor? If you painted the head it would look terrible, it would look like a 87' restored..very retro. :D Also no, I bought it bone stock and modded everything myself. Thanks for the copmpliments oh and Z400 I used Engine Enamel, it lasted 2+ years on the old Zilla. Oh oh oh, and one more I am getting the Banshee over the Z400 for a 2nd quad. Kawa will have a Z and I'll have this MX Blaster and a Shee so we can always switch around and I guess i'll get my share of the mean lean Z machine. Lata 8)
cant wait to see another soon to be shee owner
How long did it take you to do that?
After 4 hours it was on. It took about 10-15 minutes to paint though, the rest was drying. 8)
Hay yama are you going to race your shee when you get it and if so what color are you gettin cause I want to get me the Banshee L.E.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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