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My quad

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Well lets try This

one more
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hey dads Z-400 where do you live and I have a white one it is the best it was kinda hard to find a white one without them saying its limited edition and charging me 1000 bucks more and the white holds up great got it dirty still looks good have one scratch on the top of the fender from my riding boots but it isnt that noticable
hindelk, I live in Newton, KS. was just checking around to see if anybody had a white Z in yet, called a dealer about 30 miles away and they did but it was the same price as the yellow and did not get any bull about it being limited edition or anything.
Z400 central, white is holding up fine but it is getting pretty marked up were my riding boots rub the side plastic by the tank but every quad I have had gets it right there.

love the white! there is still one white one at our local shop, been ther for almost 3 weeks now! Finally sold there first white one that was there for 2 1/2 weeks! Dunno but they where not selling.
Here are a few more

first our quads

second with HMF exhaust
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that looks good on the Z
The white Z really catches your eye... Nice!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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