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my white Z

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not the greatest pics but oh well it was late both nights after i got back from riding..
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Nice Z but AHHHHHHHHH what's on your z in this pic
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Havent you ever heard that if you hit and kill an animal on your ATV it haunts you until your first BAD wreck. My guess is that thats a ghost cat he hit while riding. We have alot of that kinda stuff here in Indiana. My local dealer actually sells a "ghost repel" but its on the exspensive side. Let me know if your interested.
You guys notice the white Z's get stickers on the front fenders? The yellow Z's only get one Z400 sticker on the right front fender (if your standing in front of the quad). I wonder why they did that?
Nice ride , i wish i had one. :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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