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my z so far...

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here is a link to the pics, please let me know what u think!
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i made it :D , looks trick huh??
i'm gonna get an ac stadium bumper so i can put my number plate on the bumper instead of on my grille, along with a ton of other mx stuff!
how did you staple the "grille" on the outside (small) vents?
i hot glued it to the inside of the plastics, it's very clean and gets the job done perfectly. and if i ever wanted to take it off it comes off very cleanly, i bought the chicken wire at the local auto parts store it was in the import/ fast-and-furious-wannabe section
Key Location

Where did you put the key and lights?
Nice Z.......i'm liking that grill insert also!
i relocated the key switch to the driver side plastix right above the reverse switch and then eliminated the nuetral and reverse lights and put the temp light at the top of the front plastix (as u can see in the pics)
a 10.....I give it a 10! Sick! Can't wait to start stylin' mine.
thanx for letting me know what u think, i cant wait to show it off at my first race on monday!!!
Looks like carbon fiber, not bad. Custom fabricated I take it?
hey, thats not a bad idea... anyone interested??
i might i u can do in in like black
how does it get held on??
also how much
anyone else interested, mass production= lower cost, i can make it in the billet aluminum color or if i paint it and put a high gloss finish on it i could do almost any color :D
Well for being a seller you totally blew off my question... What is it mde out off?
how could that look like carbon fiber??

and he already answered your question before you asked it.

i bought the chicken wire at the local auto parts store it was in the import/ fast-and-furious-wannabe section[/b]
maybe you should read the thread before you jump down his throat.
how do you guys get rid of the lights. do you just cut the wires or do you get rid of them all the way to the batterey?

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