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My Z400 Videos

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Here are my Z400 videos:
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hey i went to look at them and it didnt load i waited like a ,min ussually it comes on like in 5 seconds and yes I have a fast comp and cable modem
My DSL is taking a long time to load them. 56k forget it, don't try them..
man that took forever
Sorry if it takes so long...I have cable...they are between 1 and 7mb each...most of the people Ive shown them too gets them right away...
Nice sandbox Z400. Would like to play in one myself someday.
Download was a little slow, but got em all.
hey i got to view them what kind of system is that i heard you talking to him and in the roost i heard it there to
We have a pair of chatter box radios mounted on our helmets...and my dad had a two way personal radio, they work with the chatter boxes as long as they are on the same channel(1 and 1, 2 and 2)

With all of those mods to the Z and your blipping the throttle over a 2 foot jump? I don't get it...
It was a very bad jump...I need to find a bigger and better one...I couldnt get too much speed becuase infront of the jump were bumps so those slowed me down...
Do you still have the stock suspension settings?
Ya...I think I should stiffen the rear shock some though...
Guys...if you just right click on the movie and choose "Save Target As" they come so much faster.
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I have 56k modem and those videos load about 7 or 10 min...not long at all for my 56k
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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