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New Air Filter?

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Anyone found an air filter for the Z yet? I know you can get a K&N, but I'm thinking maybe Uni or Twin-Air.
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Ive only seen the K&N from Alba... ...If I see anything else Ill let you know.
If i had to do it all over again i would go ahead and buy about 3 uni's for hte price of 1 K&N and still have just as good or better performance. Just wait until they come out and buy them.
Uni's are good filters. I had one in my old mojave...great filter! I would recommend Uni to anyone...LOL
The K&N is pretty expensive but I went ahead and just put mine on. I didn't feel like waiting. The UNI will be great too. Just give them some time.
ive had K&N's on every vehicle that ive owned. they are pretty pricey compared to other filters, but the last forever.

mine should be here yesterday from alba.
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Both Uni and Twin Air have filters for the Z. The Twin Air filters will be ready in a few weeks. The Uni filter is avalible to buy at your local motorcyle/atv dealer. The part number and price is NU-2483ST $22.95.
22 bucks! :twisted:

damn i could have bought filters for the life of my quad. . .

oh well :oops:
The reason K&N's are more expensive is becuase they make the whole filter. Uni and Twinair just make the foam and use the stock metal thing (don't know what its called) K&N also uses paper which has a higher flow but lets more dirt in. Mickey Dunlap likes them for their high-flow but he says u should always have a outwears on it.

The K&N is pretty expensive but I went ahead and just put mine on.  I didn't feel like waiting.  The UNI will be great too.  Just give them some time.[/b]
i just got my K&N, did you use the 152.5 jet?
Yes, I'm using the 152.5 without lid, snorkle and the HMF silencer. Should be able to test tomorrow night.
ive seen at a local shop about 10 years ago where uni's out flowed kandN's. Besides flow KandN's are heavy at the rear and need to be tightened way down which leads to a crushed air tube on hondas, unless u have the nice rings installed to prevent that. In my opinion kandN's are harder to clean. I owned one and threw it away after finding it in the bottom of my airbox! I NEVER had that happen with an UNI. Tom Carlson told me that the box is the most restrictive part on 300ex's and unless lid modifications were made changing the filter was usless. I used to race gncc in the early 90's and sold my r with 350x engine last fall and am thinking of the Z instead of a EX.
Doesn't the stock filter look a lot like a Uni?
No, the Uni are two stage, the first is less restirctive and gets the big particles out and the second gets all the small ones out.

After I buy my skids and nerfbars, im going to save my money for an axle probably, and see if an airfilter, outwears, and exhuast system can be a birthday the money im making is going into my quad to pay for pay my dad for getting me my z I have to check and put air in his tires every month for the rest of my life...sounds like a good deal for the $4700 he had to
You only paid $4700 for your Z? Is that w/ all the charges? That would be insane to a brand new quad for that little....

Pro Design has a new Pro-Flow for the Z400! you can use foam or K&N filters. you can see it at
Alba Adapter

Can you use other filter brands with Alba's adapter. I ordered it and a K&N yesterday, but not sure which filter to use in the long run. I think the K&N should be fine as long as the outerwears are used. What do u guys think?
I think K&N is way expensive, especially since you'd have to order that adaptor.

I'm trying my luck with the Uni
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