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new ride

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hey everyone...this is my 400...i hope you like it

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Let me be the first to say, WOW! Thats a nice Honda! Oh and welcome to our website. If you catch any of the fellow Z400 owners here drooling while looking at this thread, pay no attention, thats common behavior.

yep i agree, it looks awesome. i wanna see some pics of the front! its weird, that makes me miss my EX.
haha..lmao..thanks for the compliment. i have done every bit of work on the quad including the powdercoating. i said to myself...self...when you do a quad this it right!! lol i have tried to pay attention to detail.

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Damn, it gets better and better!
its good to listen to self sometimes. id like to be able to powdercoat my frame, myself! come on self are you listening??

looks like you have some good pieces on there. what does the front look like?
this is before i switched to ac pro pegs ...
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Is that fullbore plastic?
hey, theres the shot i wanted. looks great.
his sig says fullbore.

very nice.

where in maryland are you? im always in rockville area, DC, and arlington.

is there anything worth trailering for?
Is that fullbore plastic?[/b]
yep it is.
Yah, I seen his sig after I posted. Good to double check though. Do you have dynos on this quad? Is it pretty good at the track? Do you race?
where in maryland are you?  im always in rockville area, DC, and arlington.  

is there anything worth trailering for?[/b]
yeah...but mostly mx tracks. i will be headin to a friends house soon to trail ride..and i will be practicing at tower city for the upcoming gncc race on saturday. i work in gaithersburg so i know where yer anytime ya wanna try out tower city ..rausch creek..the landing mx...or brezewood..let me know
just say i wanted to powder coat my kick starter and clutch and brake levers, would i have to sand it first?
Yah, I seen his sig after I posted.  Good to double check though.  Do you have dynos on this quad?  Is it pretty good at the track?  Do you race?[/b]
haha,...the motor is bone stock. but its quick. i have only race 2 z400's and beat them both..but it was all rider. i dont have trouble in drag races..heck..i surprised my freind when i beat his 416 !!! another buddy has a 265 R and we are dead even . i geuss she was built on the perfect

i am just getting back into racing after a long layoff and 2 bad injuries. i just like havin fun and makin quads look sweet

i will be racing the ohio gncc on sept 7th. then im gonna try to run district 7 points in mx and hare scrambles this comin year
I could have swore you said 416ex somewhere, guess not. Good luck in the GNCC.
if i remember correctly he has a 416 kit laying in his garage!
yep..i havent done the 416 kit yet..actually its sold. my engine is being sent to lrd this winter for a 440 kit.

haha..dont be jealous...i wanna see some tricked out z400's. guys can even powdercoat the stock a a rms something us honda guys cant!! i would imagine there will be some sweet z's in the spring.
dude, that's a sick lookin' quad. good job on it.
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