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Oil Filter

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Does anyone know who makes an oil filter fo the Z and how much?
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I think u can use oil filter for the dr-Z400e. If i can i want to get one of those K&N that u can wash and reuse. Thats what i would look for.

you can wash an oil filter??? wouldnt it stay really dirty...and not wash out...
I would not wash the paper filter in the Z.

The part number is 16510-29F00. I think it's the same for the DRZ.
I changed my oil already and it toook 2 quarts right on the button with the filter change also.
Zero Z400, are you getting it mix up with an air filter? I haven't heard of a reusable oil filter.
No...they had a thing in dirtwheels about it. I'll have to find the magazine, it was a washable oil filter.

yea, i saw it too, it was like 65 bucks, but after a year or so, it would be well worth it.

I know they make them for other machines. The stock one is not such a beast but I would buy an aftermarket for $65 in a heartbeat.
I like the idea of a washable oil filter. Who make these filters?
Does everybody change the filter every oil change??

Or every 25hrs??

I like to change my oil a bit more often than the 25hrs, so I was wondering if the filter was good enough to just do every 25 hours??

So who makes oil filters?
OK, i guess i'm just imagining the reusable oil filter. K&N has a filter for the dr-z400 dirt bike that u can use. The part number is KN-139.

Ok thanks...the local parts shop is open tommarow so Ill go down and order I get 10% off...
I order a few oil filters for my Z the otherday...once I get them Im going to do an oil change, and whatever the manual says I should do every month...
they do make reusable oil filters. i know this because the fleet that i work on uses it and i also know that reusable oil filters are worthless. more than half of our vehicles with reusable oil filters have blown engines. the screen is not large enough to filter out "contaminants" hey, like the old fram comercial used to say, "pay a little now, or pay alot later"
I dont think that they make reusable oil filters...they would be really hard to clean...
reusable filter are really easy to clean. just spray it with carb/brake cleaner and it get's rid of all the oil and whatever (if any) it filters out. let it dry and throw it back on. but like i mentioned before, imho, i don't think they're worth a sh!t. i think scottsperformance makes it for raptors so i'm sure they have one in development for the z also.
I got stock filters the other day and the guy told me that they are the same as the drz filter. I would never mess with cleaning an oil filter myself. since there the same as the drz you should be able to pick up emgo's or something for about 3 bucks. stock suzuki was 6.69. It depends on how hard your rideing if you can get by without a filter change. 25 hours is way to long on a dirtbike/quad, anything with the clutch in the same oil your engine is using. after every 2 hours of HARD play riding/1xc race/2mx races/2 days of normal play riding you should really change atleast the oil. When I say 2 days of play riding, that to me is like when you go to the state park for the weekend or something and run about3- 5 gallons of gas through it. Ill change the filter every other oil change most of the time unless I know I got paticularly hard on the clutch, like getting stuck and struggleing to get out of some bad bottle neck at a xc race and haveing several starts from a dead stop on a nasty hill all within a couple of minutes. The cluch lever will get more freeplay(atleast a honda does) if you have abused the cluch. after a few minutes of normal riding it will come back to normal temp and freeplay will retun to normal to. Thats how I do it anyway.
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Ya...there not that much...i dont change my oil after every ride or ever certain amount of hours...if i see it needs oil i add it...other then that, i change it every now and then or everytime i do work on the engine or transmission...
It depends how much water and dust you ride in really. The oil can be ok for a year. Make sure it looks full and clean. The dealer says every 5 rides t osell you filters and oil changes. The oils still looks perfect after 5 rides. Thast's like 10-15 hours for a 2-3 hour ride. Oil better last longer than that or they need to reinvent it. :roll:
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