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okay ive decided not get the banshee

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Well its now either a C-dale speed 440 or a white z400 and i dont know what to do can yall help me decide .
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yes, it is much cheaper and you could mod it out, but the c-dale is already modded out, i will leave this one up to you.
I would get the speed if u can afford it

can you make the z just as good or if not better than the speed
ya, but for a price, probably as much as buying the speed.
I don't think u can make a Z as good as the cannondale. The cannondales have more power out of the box, aluminum frame, fuel injection and good shocks. You also won't need to many upgrades for it.

Thanks look like ill have to be working me some extra summer jobs
People were getting refurbished fx400's for $5000 otd from places. Most of those places have probaly run by now.

didnt the fx400's have frame craking problems
the price point seems to be the deciding factor for me, and the fact that i fear american mades. get the Z
i'd go with the speed
the Z beat the cannondale canible in a shoot out for an easier ride abiltiy. It is also $1300 less. and for the $1300, you can make the Z bada$$.

i forgot, the speed is 2300 bucks over the Z. Get the Z

True true
350Master is a TRAITOR!!!
BAN keep posting just to raise your post time tell me so i can do it too...
BAN keep posting just to raise your post time tell me so i can do it too...[/b]
Okay ill tell you next time
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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