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Painting Plastic

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I have a buddy that does auto body repairs and painting...he said he can paint my Z plastic, like to do a flame job, and the paint will stay on...does anyone know if the paint will stay on the plastic?
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itl stay but itl prolly scratch, and if you wreck u can say bye bye to it ;) better off wit stickers
If you want an all black z400 that will never get its fenders scratched buy you some spray on bed liner and put it on your Z and say bye bye to scratches.
LOL...i said to him if i got a new set of a different color, he could do a flame job for me....he will paint just about anything he can for me for free... :D
get lightning bolts painted on it.
LOL...that would be really cool
or a skull paint job
just put tones and tones of clear coat on.
or even tons and tons. i would only use 1 tone of clearcoat, probably just a clear tone.
That 400ex in ATVSPORT had M&M's painted on it. The bedliner would weigh so much but would be kinda cool. U migh be able to something like a clear sticker or some type of cover.

fine, just 1 tone have it your way :?
i never was a fan of adding flames/lightning bolts to atvs. but i do think it would look good jet black. but i'd never have the guts to let someone actually paint it.

someone should do a photoshop job on it to see what these paint jobs would look like.
When i get the money im going to get black plastic for my Z...and once i find a place that has them at a reasonable price too...
do it! do it!
I know your buddy should know this, but you need to add a flex agent to the paint because the plastic flexes and will crack the paint.
ive asked him about the paint cracking and stuff, and he said it will be fine...i think he knows what hes doing, he'll probably do whatever needs to be done...but im not doing anything to the plastic untill i get my new black plastic, or whatever cool im leaning towards black, it would look nice in black...
he shouldn't have any problems. think about it, bumpers on these new cars are amost as flimsy as plastics on quads.
you can paintit

im an auto body painter if he flexes the paint right it will stay on 4 ever not crack unless the plastic cracked it will scratch but he can put three coats of clear on it and he can wet sand and polishout scratches i have painted several banshee and hold up really well but are only rode in the sand
Get the black plastic.........yeah :p

How about a custom candy pearl paint....J/K
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