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Part #'s for Motion Pro Twist Throttle setups???

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I need to know where I can get the stuff I need to convert to a twist throttle. I hear Motion Pro has the kit...anybody have the part numbers?

Would like the Motion Pro "Vortex" Setup...just need a good part number for the kit.
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I got it.... Motion Pro Vortex kit P/N: 01-0562 retails for $65.00
Let me know how installation goes and how you like it. I've got one on my wish list.
Couldn't u have used the dirtbikes twist throttle setup? I think someone did that i that could be cheaper.

Zero...we want the Vortex throttles man....hehehe...they are the icing on the cake man. They require less turn than motocross bike throttles.
I got it.... Motion Pro Vortex kit P/N: 01-0562 retails for $65.00[/b]

Does that kit include the cable? I was told that was just the throttle.

Uhhhhh :?:

I believe it includes the cable too...let me email the rep back and ask him...I'll let ya know soon.
I asked them if it included the cable and everything needed...
...they answered....

Thank you for your inquiry. The kit does include everything required, for the stock Z400, if you have altered anything on the bike since purchase i.e.. carburetor, please let the tech department know. As previously stated, these kits have been build to fit the stock Z400 as it comes from the factory. Finally, we do not discount retail sales :-(

Motion Pro, Inc.

Thats what they just emailed me 8)
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