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People not posting in the proper forum

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I know its not a biggie but people should be posting in the proper forums. I was looking for posts on skidplates and there is topics on it in 4 different forums when they should all be in the body forum. It would just make it easier to find stuff. I'm not trying to be d**k just a suggestion! :D
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good one, and it was posted in the right forum.
i think some people are just trying to put it in a forum where the mos people will see it. or we just make a mistake, by not notcing that there is a more specific forum for it.
I think this is one reason Z400Central should have a mod or two so they can be on here when he is not. That way the mod/admin could move the posts to the proper forum whenever it is posted in the wrong one. 8)
i have put it in the wrong forum a couple of times, just to get publicity, but i also put it in the right forum as well.

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