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Pic of rear rotor, replaced

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Here is a pic of the rear rotor I replaced with a 400ex to stop the squeak

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what kind of rotar is that i know a 400ex but what brand name
Does it stop any better now? I want to do that upgrade but am low on money.

it looks like you need a pro armor swing arm skid :wink:
looks good. You got it from Rocky Mountain ATV right? I think I'll go order one.
Yes I got it from Rockymountainatv, it was a Titax brand for $49.99 they were out of EBC for $89.99.
Did not notice any differance in braking but it stops just fine.
Yeah I want to get some skids but the wife said I need to slow down on buying things on the Z for a little while.

How long did it take you to change it? Was it an easy job?
Thanks Dad !

Good call on the rotor,I installed mine yesterday,looks and works great and
it's NOT BENT :D

Thanks Dad !

Very simple to replace. Remove your rear tire, remove the 2 bolts holding the caliper on, remove the 4 allen bolts holding the rotor on, rotate the rotor so the mounting flanges line up between the rotor mounting tabs and remove the rotor. reverse to install. I also used some lock tight on the bolts to insure they don't come loose, just make sure you use the removeable type lock tight.

hmmm...pretty easy. My last question is: did it completely stop the squeak? Mine is driving me nuts! I have to do something about it.
I ordered my rotor yesterday :D My rotor is bent pretty bed right now, i can't ride or the pads will go. But hopefully it will be here soon.

Kentuckycat, Yes it stopped the squeak completly, like you it was driving me crazy so I had to do something. I have put a good 15-20 hours on it and it is still quiet and have put it trhrough water crossings while riding to make sure it did not reappear and still no noise.
Great! Then that's next on my to-do list. Now I just need to take care of the fronts. (I posted another thread about THAT...) :?
I just ordered mine too. I hate that squeak! This drilled unit will look great on there.
Finally ordered mine. Can't wait to get rid of that squeaking!!!
Mine arrived yesterday. i was going to put it on today but got too busy. I did jack it up and pull the wheel, so I'll do the rest tomorrow.
Then I'm ridin!
Mine's warped also. I just ordered a new one from Rocky Mountain ATV.. Suzuki should have to foot the bill!
I got mine on yesterday!! I also got my AC skid plate on so i just need a sprocket which is on order. I wanted to have a tad more acceleration so i got a 41tooth, is a 41 like putting a 13.5 in front? (I know there is no such thing as a 13.5) Thats what i thought and i hope i'm right. I'll get a pic when i'm done.

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