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Pics at a Neighbors little track

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This is at a friends track down the road from us:

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Nice pics. I wish that we had something like that in the area. We have to drive at least 2 hours to be able to ride (legally)
Nice pics, this is going to be killer for our modem users!
Very nice!

Gettin the warrior in the air.......that's sweeeet!
i wish i had a track like that. i shovel for hours at the house where i ride and by the time i come back my neighbors have flattened it out with their utility quads :x
gettin the warriors in the air thats waht im talking about, its actually not hard to do , but the landing is a lil harsh! dont you hate riding with dirtbikes? always complaining about everything you do and they always mess up our lips! ( to the jumps of course)
I always ride with dirt bikes and I love it, they do the craziest stuff. Fun to watch. I ride on their track, so I can't complain about the jumps.
I ride with dirt bikes as well and i'm just happy to have someone to ride with :D
Thats are lucky to have dirt jumps, the only jump around here is sand and it keeps getting flat :(
they always mess up our lips! ( to the jumps of course)[/b]
god i hate it when they do that.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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