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pipe for z400?

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Hi, i just got a new z400 and i was wondering what the best pipe is that puts out the most horspower and how much does it costs? Or do you guys think i should get something else for a first engine mod? And if you do, what?

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i dont have a Z, but from the quality of pipes they make, any engine builder pipe will be great, but load, and may take away from bottom end. i personally like FMF, especially thier powerbomb header, along with a Powercore4 (or powercore4Q if you want it quiet). I will personally get the pwerbomb and the Q from FMF, but that is just my opinion. have fun

The Trinity did wonders for mine. It has more power gains claimed than anyone else. Check out the dynos on my link and the pics of the pipe.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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