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Pipe, K&N & Jetting Questions

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Hi Everyone!
I'm new to the forum. I just bought the Z a few weeks ago and I'm already looking for more power. To those that have bought pipes already, are you getting considerably more power or at least a positive "seat of the pants" feel compared to stock? Is it very noticeable?

Also, I called K&N and they said that they don't manufacture an air filter for the Z yet. What are you guys using from K&N? Where did you get it?

I work for one of the premier paint companies in the nation and I'm having my frame powder-coated "Suzuki Yellow". Should look really good. Does anyone make a back aluminum grab bar yet?

Thanks for helping me out. Ride hard.
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I can't give u any onfo on the pipes but an adapter kit and some other stuff.

Pro Design has a new Pro-Flow for the Z400. you can use foam or K&N. It fit's and looks good. you can see it at
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