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pipe recommendations?

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Trinity StageIV, FMF Ti4, Sparks(gotta wait), Yoshi Offroad TRS Pro.

those are my current favoites, in no particular order. looking at the dynos for Trinity, FMF and Yoshi, the Trinity looks the best %-age wise.

i would like to hear some feedback from y'all, especially those that run any of these exhaust systems.

the Trinity seems to also be the best bang for the buck set-up.

thanks for your help :D

edit: well i read the stuff in the General talk forum...the CT looks cool, but was looking for a little more bottom end. i couldn't find the price for the pipe on the CT Racing site.
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im getting a trinity after i get my susension, beadlocks, holeshots, a-arms and axel
Trinity is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet man.
hey batgeek_KFX400, can you send me some pics and info so i can put you up in the gallery? Thanks!
i like FMF. i want the Ti4.

Stock is the best!! Stay with stock, those pipes don't compare to stock!
i should be gettin' my fmf tomorrow. unfortunately it's not going to be the titanium. i'll let you guys know how it works out.
i'd wait for the sparks. i have a sparks on my raptor and it is by far the best. i have one ordered for my kfx. i have been waiting on it for 2 1/2 months. curtis really does his homework and doesn't sell anything till he is 100% sure it is as good as it's going to get. conpanys like fmf and white brothers are in it more for the money than bragging rights. it is kinda wierd how they have pipes out for the bikes before they even get one to test. doesn't sound like there is alot of r&d into it. I would at least get a pipe from a good engine builder trinity, sparks, tc racing, ct racing.
I am going with the Trinity Stage IV Pipe.I think it is just the best over all, and for your money to.
IMO, i say the CT is best followed by Trinity. I'd still wait for Sparks though, he always has good pipes.

Does anyone here have the White Brothers pipe for their Z or KFX? I want to get either the E-Series, or a Yoshi. Any suggestions?
I have the trinity and I love it. It is definitely LOUD and I mean LOUD. It was a great buy for the money I think. Their shipping departments leaves a lot to be desired but all in all they make a hell of a product. It was a fairly painless install, you do have to remove the water neck to remove the stock pipe though, but that will go for any pipe that you buy. They come with pretty good directions, a jet, and all the mounting hardware that you need (unless the shipping department messes up). It looks great and the performance gain was tremendous. It is like riding a whole new quad. It doesn't lug anymore in 2nd gear and it pulls hard down low, you really need to watch now because it is much lighter on the front than it was before. Definitely look at this pipe before you choose. I hear good things about the CT pipe so check them out but for the money I don't think you can go wrong with the trinity. If you click my www button after my post you can see pics in the gallery of the pipe and the quad.
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Does anyone here have the White Brothers pipe for their Z or KFX? I want to get either the E-Series, or a Yoshi. Any suggestions?[/b]
i had the T4 and i gave it to my friend who ordered the yoshi. i like the yoshi pipe alot better. to me the T4 did offer more HP but i think the overall design is better with the yoshi. if you do no engine mods.i would go sparks. if you mod the engine like hot cams, 440 or 450 kit or whatever.thats where the yoshi pipe starts to pull away with its performance, i am going to do the yoshi kit for 3000 probably next year, that's why i wanted to trade my buddy.
all of these pipes will awaken the sleeping giant in the Z, but IMO with no engine work.........wait for the sparks.

I recently purchased the TC RACING slip-on which is a modified SUPERTRAPP exhaust. It is great but it now hits the rev limiter real quick. Anyone else happen to them to with either a slip-on or full exhaust system. And what does your Z sound like when it reaches the top end or hits the rev limiter with the slip-on or full exhaust system.
Mimics the repetition of a machine gun.
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