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Pipes, how loud?

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You guy's that have the Yoshi pipes, how loud are they, say compared to the 400EX's with a procurcuit T4 silencer if you can compare the two.

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I dont have a yosh pipe...but ive heard that they are like 102db...
I have one...It's loud...I'm going to get the TEC kit to quiet it down...too loud for me. Probably one of the loudest I've ever heard. Will not pass the CA sound requirement without TEC kit.
If the Yoshi is 102db then its going to be alot louder than the the T-4 for the 400ex. The T-4 for the EX is 95db, but u can also factor in how they sound, the Yoshi might be lower.

The HMF is way louder than the T4 I heard on a Warrior this weekend. Sounds good but it's pushing it.
It doesn't surprise me that the HMF is loud. It seem that they do pretty good research on power but they don't do to good of a job on making it qiuet. But i'm ging to wait for more companies to come out w/ exhaust and wait for a test from dirtwheel or another mag. I think we should have a ton of people send atvsport e-mail to do an exhuast shootout for the Z, but we have to give the manufacturers time.

FMF and white brothers have Z pipes too. look at their site.
You might want to wait for a W-B E-Series. They are finishing up on the design as of last week. My experience with these have been very good. You can also purchase 2 different quiet cores that lower the decibels to about 96-98. :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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