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Plastic pulling apart. FIX

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I sorta came off the z in a not so good way and about ripped the rear fenders from the side pieces, this is something that happening to alot of z's even if you hadnt noticed, even fmf's has done it in their add. To fix it i took the sides off, and sure enough the little angled forward tabs has bent inward allowing the plastic to slip down on the sides creating a larger gap. I got creative, and since i didnt need the stock tank cover i decided to cut the tabs off of it and use them as a reinforcement on the side piece's , i heated a blade up on the stove, then sliced through it like a hot knife through butter, then procedded to melt the two pieces together, by putting the new piece on top of the knife while letting both pieces of plastic sorta get hot, then slid, out the knife, carefully as too not burn myself, and they were joined together, i also added some glue, then i replaced the sides back on the machine, after reaming the small slits in the back fenders to accomodate the larger tabs, and once it was all back together it fit perfect. it seems complicated but works very well.
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ya they way thats togethor is crap. I need mytank cover so Im gonna have to find another solution, good idea though
I would just use some silicone on the tab and slid it in, it should hold. If not then crazy glue it to death.
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