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Here goes nothing
I'm pretty much new here,I grew up around cars my whole life I've had some pretty heavily modified JDM cars. I got married had a baby and had to sell most of my toys. My brother talked me into buying myself a sport quad, so my search for one began mid December 2015. I found a 2014 z 400 with 52 hours for dirt cheap at a local dealer. When i bought it the only thing done to it was pro taper bars and motorsport nerf bars

The day i bought her

Picked up a Yoshimura RS2

Installed a 14inch LED Bar from OPT-7 with a !4inch handle bar mount
best investment especially if you do a lot of night driving

Freshly installed trail tech vapor

As she sits now but thats soon to change

Heres my mod list so far
maxxis 4 snow
pro taper handle bars
14 opt-7 led bar
yoshimura rs2 full exhaust
motorsport nerf bars
pro armor front bumper
trail tech vapor
power commander v
cross pro a arm skids
cross pro under belly skid
cross pro swing arm skid
uni filter open box
powermadd hand guards

Parts on the way
2' led head lights
quad tech ltr450 beak
alba racing front bumper
alba racing grab bar
alba racing gas cap

Future mods
extended a arms
black beadlock wheels
graphics kid

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awesome set up you building there. looks like a tun of fun, enjoy and keep on posting.

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As of last night I started removing the headlight bumper and tucking the headlight wiring., waiting on some parts to get in early this week. I am still trying to figure out the best way of mounting my new 2' led headlights. I managed to find some pictures on google just not clear what they used, but i do have some ideas in mind.Im stoked can't wait till my LTR beak comes in also imo best front end mod should of came like that from the factory

As she sit currently

LTR Beak

My headlight inspiration came off this atv
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