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pro armor or C&C Swingarm Skid Plate

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c&c go here and for pro armor go here I keep comparing the two and can't decide wich to go with. Pro armor looks like it will hold up really well but i will loose a little ground clearance. C&C looks like it contours better but may bend in the future. Please help me you guys. I hope the e-bay link works. Laytah peeps. Isherwood666
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I went with the Pro Armor swing arm skid plate. It seems really strong!!!! 8) :D :evil:
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Pro Armor skid

Was it easy to install? I just bought one off of Ebay and am going to
put it on this weekend. It really looks like a quality piece. Do you have
the belly or A-arm skids?
hey buddy! I got mine from ebay as well. Easy as w00ter to put on. only problem was i flooded the w00ter out of my bike and fouled my plug. i flooded the thing so bad my air box had gas in it!!!!!!!!! Ran really hard for a little while but now i think its ok. i had it standing straight up like you saw in the picture. lol. anyway, i rode it a few times allready and bashed the thing hard on rocks. it scared me to hear stuff smacking under there. so i inspected it and ...well lets just say the skid plate won. no effect what so ever! pro armor rocks man! :wink:
PRM swing skidders are excellent!

I was waiting on the proarmor valley design...not as well designed as the PRM, my opinion.

So, I ordered PRM swingskidders for the Z and the Blaster, with a Bill's pipe shaped for low and mids(blaster).
I just got and installed the PRM swingarm plate on my Z... All I can say is wow, it is one hell of a plate!! The install was very easy, I did not stand my bike on end to intsall, because I heard of the gas flooding problem. I put my rear tires up on an old pair of stock tires I had laying around, and it gave me enough room to climb under it and work..The stock junk plate is held on buy allen head bolts that are torqued pretty good.. 4mm for the linkage plate and 6mm for the swingam plate... Anyone that has ordered the PRM plate will be just as happy as I when I received mine.... :wink:
I hate my PRO Armor. I will replace it with a PRM, which is what my woman has on her Z and she hits far less rocks and hers has also held up a lot better.
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