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Hello everyone
It’s nice to be part of a forum as I know I’ll be here for years to come for sure
Thank you

quick introduction I have had the Lt50 for about 4 years for the kids aged 6,8 and 11 at the time now they are 4 years older we have upgraded to the Lt80 so I’m not so much of a newbie to these machines

I have two LT80s with all parts to get one good bike !
Here’s my problem ! The guy I bought them off has taken most the safty switches off to start the quad for a quick start and stop sequence
He has added a button on the side of the quad and cut some of the wires and connected others to eliminate the foot break safety swith and the run button also eliminated the key function !
so it should just start off the press of the button for the starter motor with no cut off switch that I can see ! It’s confusing !

is this possible to by pass starter relays safety switches and run switches to have the bike running as it should just without all the messing about to start it up if it was all factory ?

I’m trying to get the wiring set up so I can just press the button to start and have a kill switch such as the key on and off to kill the bike ? Not much to ask but I’m really not to quick with wiring !

thanks for your time in advance
And hope your all having a good start to the new year

peace and love
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