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Rear shock

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Anybody know what the minimum length is for the rear spring as I would like to increase my preload to try and stop the rear from bottoming out.
I asked my dealer about it and they have not received the spec sheets on the Z's yet, so even they did not know :(

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I don't know about the spring length but that shock is completely adjustable. So, increase the preload, maybe the compression and rebound and mess w/ it till you get it right.

Just measure fro mthe bottom of the spring perch to the bottom of the threads.
If you ad preload you raise the ride height,which raises the c/g so if you
go up to much you're gonna be unstable in hard corners.somewhere in
one of the tech sections, on a site I visited long,long ago I read of process
called measureing "static sag" seek info on this subject and you will be
enlightened :idea:................................. :wink:

Actually I think I got it set now, I tightened the preload about 1/2 inch from stock turned both the compression and rebound all the way hard and I am not bottom out as of yet but feels like I am using most of the travel, the rear still comes up faster than I would like but I do not think I can do much about it. Now atleast I can jump without the rear snapping up and make me nose the landings and I can hit the whoops faster than before just not as fast as with the other quad.

You could try taking off more rebound, i don't think it will ride good at all, i would turn the preload up higher and take off on the rebound

He sed he turnd da reboundall tha weigh in.
With my suspenaion i do bigggg jumps and have a tendency to miss the back side and land on flat ground and was constantly bottoming out so i cranked my preload all the way up, compression all the way up and reboound 14 clicks up. Its kinda of a ruff ride over the whoops but the gain on awesome on the jumps. Oh and i only way 150lbs.
Will a regular shock spanner wrench work to adjust the spring, or is a special one needed for the z? Hate to use the hammer and screwdriver...
I wouldnt fool with the preload too much... try increasing the compression.. if its still bottoming call them.. he will hook you up with rear rebuild, which in turn you can lower the ride height with a zps setup and use a heavier main spring so you wont bottom out... marty and jeff are both great guys, you should call them before buying a expensive aftermarket rear shock.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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