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Rejetting for retards?

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I'd like to take the end-cap off of my intake, but I need
to rejet (which I learned from trying to ride around
my neighbor hood with it off, heh heh)

My problemo is that I have no experience with re-jetting.

Are there any good sites which show how to rejet the particular
carb on our machines?

Anyone live in michigan and want to help me? I'll buy you a Faygo :D
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You know it really isn't that hard and we hear a lot of people ask about it. I have to do it right now since I just got a Trinity Stage IV pipe, I am thinking about putting together a little step by step guide and putting it on a website somewhere so that people can go there and see what they have to do. What do you think? What does everyone think?

Sounds like a plan to me. I hate rejetting
Yah make a guide to rejetting. That would help alot of us newbie jetting guys.
:D I definitely vote for a free "How to Jet" guide! Do it!
I just did this yesterday, with no prior experience.

Make sure you have an impact screwdriver. It's essentially a big handle with a screwdriver tip that you hit with a hammer. It's necessary for all brass screw applications. If you don't have one, buy one otherwise you're going to waste time with the over torque brass screws.

(all left/right directions are based on you facing the front of your atv)
1. remove the plastic on the right side that is adjacent to the gas tank.
2. on the right side, near where you knee would be, there is a black box that uses 1 bolt to keep it attached to the frame, remove the bolt. This black box gets in the way when you try to tilt the carb (it did for me at least)
3. stand on the left side of your ATV
4. Your carburetor has 2 rubber boots held on it with metal bands, loosen the bands so you can twist the carburetor. The rubber boots might stick a bit.
4. tilt the top of the carb away from you while pulling the bottom towards you.
5. You may need to disconnect some hoses that interfere (you'll know when you see it)
6. On the bottom of your carb, there are 4 brass screws, loosen them with the impact screwdriver. fully remove the screws.
7. Pull the bottom plate away from the carb, don't lose the gasket (you'll see it)
8. You should now see a brass bowl type thing with a screw in the center witha hole through it. That's your main jet. Unscrew the bowl-thing.
( check out the dynojet PDF file for a picture)
9. Remove the jet from the bowl.


I would have taken pictures, but I wasted too much time with the brass screws.

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Well I got it done (the rejet anyway). I took lots of pictures and I hope to get it up on the web sometime this week. I didn't use an impact on the bowl screws I used a dremel to cut a slot for a regular screw driver and it was still a son of a gun to get them off. You definitely want to get new screws to put in it when you are done. The quad is definitely a new bike now, the Trinity pipe is pretty awesome and pretty loud too.
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