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03 z400
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I have a 2003 z400 that sat for over a year. Last time i rode it, amongst other things happening, my clutch cable frayed at the stock lever. i am looking at buying an OEM cable here ... unless anyone here has a better option.

also, i had a K&N air filter on her, which has been on there for an unknown amount of years. One of the last few times i rode, i took a look in the airbox to find it stuffed with a mouse nest, which i removed and cleaned the airbox and removed the filter and cleaned it too.
is the filter something that i should replace? ive read online that they are meant to be cleaned, and then oiled before reuse. Is this air filter specific oil something that i should now go and buy for i can reuse this air filter? or is the filter totaled and i should buy a new one?

I am also going to change my oil and possibly my coolant. I remember "engine ice" being the preferred coolant, ive never found it in a store, but is this something i should find online and buy rather than some prestone yellow coolant?

as far as oil, last time i did an oil change i changed the filter (KN-139) and used Shell Rotella t4, this time i could only find Shell Rotella T6 and i plan on using that. Is anyone else using rotella on their machines? i have a CRF that i need to do the oil on also and was going to use rotella T6 for that too. Last time i changed the oil and coolant i noticed no negative changes, im just wondering what all of your thoughts are. `


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