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Hey everybody, hope everyone has been tearing up the dirt!

09 Z400 efi is my machine.
I'm out here in west Texas in a small town called Colorado City. I was wondering if there is any riders out this way with a good working Z and I can possibly swap a Cdi to test mine. I believe mine is out but of course you don't know until you try.
Also has anyone messed with the HFP pumps ? It's an aftermarket fuel pump rebuild kit. Part # is HFP-397 . It fits a whole bunch of machines too.

Main concern with this pump is the pump seems too tall. When I went to reassemble the pump top cap , held down by 4 Phillip screws, was spaced out almost a 1/4 inch gap and had to press down pretty hard and used the screws to compress the pump assembly.
BTW this is a friends bike I'm working on and he's put in about 3 pumps in already.
Also I found the rubber gasket that the discharge goes into at the top of the pump motor was compressed so much that it cut into the rubber itself and also crushed the top of the pump motor. You can see fatigue marks in the plastic. I wish I took pictures.
Either way as a mechanic I didn't like the fact it assembled like that and I know the pumps need to be a tight fit to secure good pressure but that seems way to tight for an assembly.

But back to my 2 questions
- anyone in west Texas have an 09-12 Z400 with a good cdi to swap for a test

-anyone with experience with the HFP fuel pumps.

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