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Riding at the super market...

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There is this nice place to ride behind a Market Basket in Massachusetts...It is behind the one in Bellingham...To get to it, pull into the plaza and go right toward Staples, and take the driveway that goes along the right side of Staples that goes behind it and Market Basket. You will see a sand trail that goes off into the woods. You can park there, or in the sand. Go down that sand trail, and it opens up into a nice riding area for a few people at is all sand. Ill be adding videos of it soon to my website.
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Yeah, I know where you're talking about. No problem with cops there?
8O That was me posting under "Guest"... Don't know why it did that...

Anyway, like I was saying...:D

Yeah, I know where you're talking about. No problem with cops there?
LOL...cops...LOL...when me and my dad were pulling into the plaza two police cars pulled in behind us, and went the same way. We pulled over, but they turned instead. I thought that was kind of strange. And as we were unloading the quads from the truck, an ambulence went in back of Staples and I was waiting for the police car...but no police. And before the ambulence came, a guy that was working at Staples opened up the door to wait for the ambulence, and he was watching us for a few minutes...but other then cops...
just hide you truck, or at least your trailer. make sure to stay quiet. you should be okay.

We just left the truck in the back parking lot...there were two other trucks there, one had a trailer. How do you keep quite?...LOL...its in the woods between two
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