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Friend seen a couple predators their but they had no paddles so they got wasted. They had serial numbers on them like t106 t107 etc. So dont believe off about how they are so insane...when I told him about that he laughed.

Z400 against 400 ex... 5-6 lengths, piped and misc. 3-4 lengths.

Z400 vs. Raptor...Usually always Z for the first 3 to 4 gears then Raptor would pull away. Depending on the distance dragged they were really really close...he said raptors would win 60 percent of the time.He said the Z's were so quiet the guys were having trouble hearing when to shift and had to guess so this could also be a factor.

Banshees were absolutely king he said...even stock ones with paddles would usually always beat the stock Z and Raptor.

He rides a ported and piped 89 kx 250 and a kid he went with rides a 2000 ds650. The DS broke down the first day and he didnt see any of those dragging he said. But he said he could beat most fourwheelers pretty easy on his kx...except for heavily modded shee's and a zilla.
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