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Slime Flat Tire Eliminator?

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What do you guys think of that stuff called Slime that you put in your tires to prevent flats.Does it work.Just curious before I buy it because it is not cheap.
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Its works, but is probably only meant to be for bikes. Some people say that at high speeds the slime just balls up and throws the tires off balance....
I would go w/ the stuff High-lifter makes. They are a atv company that make big machines and they know their sh*t. Another reason to get it is because they garauntee that u won't get a flat or they will will u a new tries or something. is their site.

i raced mountain bikes for 5 years, and i used it for one race. it hardened up the night before on me and my wheels were severly out of balance. granted that is a lot lighter than a quad tire but i wouldnt use it again.

if a tire is gonna go, its gonna go.
And if u do get a flat just buy a can of Fix-a-Flat. Read the directions and if it squits out of the whole put ur finger over it until it dries up.

i have used it on all 4 tires and it seems to be great, IMO.

Did u use the slime? I heard some people don't like cuz it squirts u when u pop the bead but i don't care about that.

just stick a cork in it lol, maybe even get a tube.
I don't know if u can get a tube in an atv tire size. You probaly can but its be hard to find, or i just havn't seen one.

my friends has a leack in his and he put a tube in it, i don't know how it'll work though?
If you cant find a tube for an atv, look for one for a riding lawnmower might beable to find the right size tube...
Yeah, i didn't think of using a lawnmower tube. But if i got a big enough hole that i need a tube i would just get new tires. I hate the tires the Z came with.

Slime Tire sealant

I hdn been using the heavy duty slime on my Z until I squared both rear rims. I did not have a problem but, I still carried a plug kit and tire inflator. I did not want to be stuck 7 miles away from my trailer.
I had that slime w00ter in my rm250 and it sucked ass it wasnt worth w00ter it just made the tires weigh more and didnt really help at anything.

Not for sure what it would do in a quad though but i know it didnt work to good in my dunlop d746 tires on the bike!!! :twisted:
One of the guys that I've raced with who has a Z put tubes in his tires. He has yet to get a flat in the harescrambles or the mx! I'll find what size and where he got em and post it in the near future.
You can still get a flat with a tube, Ive heard of guys shearing off the valve stem because the tire slipped on the rim. when you are using a tube with tubeless tires, the bead is not held onto the rim as tightly.
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