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So how do I put a video up.

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This computer thing is confuzzing this ol man :oops: :oops:
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i think you have to send it to somebody so that they can host it, unless you can, maybe z400central knows.
well, theres lots of you have a video capture card? have you editing the videos on your computer? umm..or are you stuck on how to upload it?
Hey there any place I can upload my vids? Ive tried Imagestation buy for some reason it wont upload. Any recommendations?
Striker and anyone else interested in uploading can use this place they offer free 50megs of space. You have to use a FTP to upload your files. not to hard to do.
Ok, thx. I will look into. All my vids got erased b/c my new comp had to be restored, pos screwed up for some reason. If I get anymore goin Ill upload them there and let you guys get a preview of em. Thx Central. :)
ahh sweet thanks central. Where can i get a ftp to upload my videos? Do your videos in yoru video gallery have to be with the z? Anyways can I download an ftp somewhere so I can use the web100?
i use smart ftp. its free. and for my gallery, yeah Z related...heh...sorry...maybe ill add a non-Z section..i need to work on the vids section to.
So where Can i get htis smart ftp?
Thanks alot, i have been looking for months where to host videos! I appreciate it! Thanks alot
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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