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socal anyone?

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just thought i would ask since everyone else is asking :D
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I'm from ventura county...looking for places to ride in this area, but right now forced to go to Rowher Flats or Hungry Valley...any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 8)
ventura co? isn't that in norcal? j/k when we go riding up there i'll make sure to let you know. btw, i'm in Orange County and there is absolutely no place to ride around here :evil: :x :!:
if you want to trek up to the antelope valley. there is tons of places to go.
that's great...and those places would be?????
oceanside here, just started riding in otey masa, not bad for a day trip
Oceanside here too. I hear that Mccain Valley is a good day trip also. It's like an hour or so drive. I've never been there I've just heard stories.
Where are otey mesa and mccain valley located? :(
If you search under google and type in Mccain Valley San Diego some information and directions should pop up. From what I hear it's pretty fun.
If you search under google and type in Mccain Valley San Diego some information and directions should pop up. From what I hear it's pretty fun.
I was curious about Otay Mesa after a neighbor said he saw some people out there. I checked it out and it looks like a good really local spot. You head South on the 805 and go East on the 905. Right across from Brown Field there was a big area where there were a bunch of people riding, looked to be mostly Quads to me. I stopped and asked a couple guys who where riding a White and Yellow Z if the Cops or Border Patrol ever wrote tickets or hassled people out there. They said, no they're really cool, they usually wave. I think I may head out there in a couple weeks to check it out for myself. Also, I saw some websites that mentioned Palm Avenue which was the Offramp just before the 905 where I saw two trucks with 3 quads get off. I went to the East on Palm, but didn't see anywhere to ride, didn't have time to check out the West side so there may be more riding areas off that street as well. I was pretty happy to finally find a place that's not an over an hour from my house.
u talked with guys on a yellow and white z's? sounds like me and my brother, planning anouther trip out this weekend, mabey i'll see u there
Must've been, I was in the Dark Blue Sport Trac. Aw man, I'm headed out to Canyon Lake and dropping off the wife and kids with friends and family why I go riding. CL isn't a bad place to ride, but I haven't rode Otay Mesa so I don't know how it compares, but it's a pretty big area. Maybe I'll catch you guys the following weekend. Thanks for the scoop on Otay when I was out there, it looks like a good CLOSE place to ride.
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anyone goin' to the sand show in costa mesa?

wow, i grew up at the west end of 905. we'd ride mx bikes and 3 wheelers out by Brown's Field and the prison. the east end of Palm Ave(The Pits) was also a kick ass place until they started developing there. i remember watching a Toyota 4x4 go nose over ass over nose over ass, down one of the bigger hills there.

now i'm getting all sad and nostalgic :( i miss dessert riding. VA and its root strewn trails, bah.

and btw, great place to party...the border patrol don't bug ya. and the cops dont come out there unless they get reports of people hearing gun shots hehe. bring a bbq grill and coolers of beer and relax after yer ride :D
last day is tomorrow from 9 to 3 in costa mesa. pro armor has my Z on display and i think trinity has wp's.
hey im from he oceanside/carslbad area too....i go to canyon lake or the baja dunes down in cantamar mexico alot..also try and go up to ocatillo wells once or twice a month for a night ride.
i think all us socal boys need to get together for a ride somtime
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